She's a doll in every way, a shiny little black doll so relaxed and easy-to-please she didn't bat an eye when she went to two off-site adoption events; she lounged in a cage in the parking lot with traffic whizzing by as if nothing were amiss. Although at 9 months old she's just a kid herself, your little ones will love playing with her. Dixie loves being indoors and out, gets along beautifully with other cats, and is ready to make your happy home even happier.
If well behaved is what you're looking for, Charlie is your man. At 2 years old he's full of loving enthusiasm, he'll jump for joy when he meets you but he's much too polite to jump on you. Charlie loves kids and adults, and is great on a leash. Charlie's ready to give his sweet, happy soul to the right loving family, one who'll appreciate his quiet, outgoing personality and his ever-after loyalty.

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