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County readying reassessment for address display

Despite the vast array of lights mounted on emergency-response vehicles, the darkness of night proves to be a worthy adversary when searching for those hidden street addresses.

Greenwood County respond ...


McCuen could be moving on

A shockwave rumbling Abbeville's brick streets is the mention that Abbeville City Manager David McCuen could be headed to saltier waters.

A news release from the City of Beaufort named McCuen and two ...

Metro millage stays unchanged

In preparation for Greenwood County Council's budget season, Greenwood Metropolitan District commissioners unanimously approved a resolution Wednesday setting the levying of taxes on all property with ...


'Adventures in your mind'

The Greenwood Early Childhood Center had a rocky couple of years when the school closed in 2008 because of a lack of funding, but this past year as the school reopened to allow 4-year-olds the chance ...


Bust nets 1,080 grams of meth

Daniel Lionel Williams, 29, of 128 Stone Oak Lane in Greenwood was arrested late Monday afternoon by the Greenwood County Sheriff's Office on charges of trafficking methamphetamine and possession of e ...


Coroner: Baby dies of head injury

A 3-month-old Greenwood girl died of homicide by a head injury earlier this month, Greenwood County Coroner Sonny Cox revealed Monday.

Takari Louise Dunlap's father, Quentico Jason Dunlap, 22, of 17 ...


Understanding South Carolina's culture of obesity

Editor's Note: This is the last of a series.

From southern cooking to football, the south is rich in culture, but perhaps less so in active and healthy lifestyles.

Dr. Patrick O'Neil, director of the ...


A man of many talents, Sylvester dreams big

Robert Emerson Sylvester resides in Newberry with his wife Deborah Lee and their two foster children. He is known in Greenwood for his work as a physician at Doctor's Care, but the man who eventually ...


South Carolina among top states for obesity

Editor's Note: This is the first of a series.

South Carolina tips the scale for obesity in the United States, consistently sitting in the top 10 obese states in the country, with the Greenwood region ...

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On obesity, nuke waste and an off-kilter budget

March 27, 2015 04:00

Our great Palmetto State does not deserve a thumbs up for its ranking when it comes to obesity. As a relatively small state in the union, it is a shame to learn that 31.7 percent of adults are conside ...

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Home-grown tomatoes

March 27, 2015 04:00

With the arrival of the first day of Spring, diehard tomato growers can finally see some sunshine in the future and dream of large, juicy tomatoes full of flavor and sweetness. Other new gardeners, lo ...