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Restoration continues at Fairview Cemetery

Volunteers attempting to clean out overgrowth and brush met Saturday morning with the hopes of revealing buried and dated tombstones in Fairview Cemetery.

George and Cathie Swindell, Jay and Ruth Coll ...


Discovery's Dynamic Duo

Whether it was setting up water for barbecue competition teams or overseeing traffic detours, Erek Leary and Jerry Walker of City of Greenwood Public Works went the extra mile to make this year's Fest ...

Traffic fatalities up, better economy may be big factor

South Carolina's roadways have seen 490 deaths as of July 19, significantly higher than last year's deaths, which reached 421 in the same time span.

In Greenwood County, nine people have died compared ...


Leaders share state of city, county

The fiery twang of Mayor Welborn Adams' impassioned speech was followed by the steady, undisguised rhetoric of County Council Chairman Steve Brown.

Each sharing in the excitement and dedication to one ...


Motor camping growing in popularity

With July on its way out, so too ends one of the busiest camping months. Whether in a tent or in a camper, people flock to the great outdoors during summer to take advantage of the weather.

"Summer is ...

Inmate escapes Saluda County Detention Center, recaptured

An inmate escaped the Saluda County Detention Center at 7:35 p.m. Thursday, according to a statement from the detention center.

The county inmate, Don Cornelius Holloway, 41, was taking out the trash ...

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Inspiring flight taken to Pluto

July 27, 2015 04:00

 July 20 marked the 46th anniversary of humanity's greatest achievement. But it was images from a much more distant land that reminded us how exciting space exploration can be.

The appropriately n ...


Hess wins gold in table tennis

July 27, 2015 18:15

Ceferina G. Hess of Greenwood, a retired professor of political science at Lander University, recently participated in the annual South Carolina Senior Sports Classic table tennis tournament at Franci ...

If it were up to me, Donald Trump would be:
  • President of the United States
  • Fired
  • Parachute-dropped into a Mexican drug cartel zone
  • Made an apprentice in John McCain’s Senate office
  • Special adviser to Bill Cosby

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Dancer pays it forward with workshop

July 26, 2015 04:00

For dancer Italy Welton of Greenwood, creating through movement set to music is a dream realized.

Welton, 23, lives in New York now and is a dancer with the Sydnie L. Mosley company, based in Harlem, N ...