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Uptown Market director debuts

While department heads, as is custom, introduced new additions to the fire and police departments, among others, a new position that will take over the finished product of Uptown's new farmers market ...

New education superintendent's Saluda roots run deep

For freshly inaugurated state Superintendent of Education Molly Spearman, some values stand the test of time. 

Raised on a dairy farm in Saluda County, she learned the lasting value of hard work, ...


City wins food drive for 2nd year in a row

Fresh off a victory in 2014, the city started a win streak after falling to the county during the annual City vs. County Food Drive for too many years to count.

The city raised 5,719 pounds to the coun ...


Greenwood 'Star Under 40' reflects on her career

Recently named one of Greenwood Chamber's Stars Under 40, Casey Tompkins, 36, worked several jobs before becoming vice president of operations at StaffSource Inc.

Before getting hired with StaffSource ...


Rotarians gather to stop hunger

American Legion Post 20 was filled with people Saturday morning and it wasn't for a dance, meeting, performance or a meal. Post 20 was filled with Greenwood Rotary members, friends and family preparin ...


Graham tests waters, Greenwood mulls vote

With U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham testing the waters for a potential presidential run, many in South Carolina started to ponder if they'd offer a vote to the longtime senator.

"We're not polling, but we se ...


And the Thunder rolls

Jacob Lawson was 21 years old and had spent three days doing cocaine and drinking alcohol in a recording studio in Laughlin, Nevada. He needed that push, that thing to power him on to find the br ...

Stricter rules for visitation still in place at hospital

Self Regional Healthcare's temporary visitation restrictions continue as flu levels have not decreased below baseline levels in the past two weeks when the restriction was put into place.

According to ...


A leader of all sorts

When speaking of retired U.S. Air Force Brig. Gen. Chuck Fox, the multiple hats he's worn and contributions he's made will always be mentioned along with his impact in the many lives he's touched thro ...

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Get out the meds, elections coming

January 27, 2015 03:00

Just when you thought a major election was behind you, what comes along? The testing of the waters, as they call it, among presidential wannabes.

Of course, the testing of the waters was going on well ...



January 27, 2015 03:00

As host of the 2015 All-Lakelands wrestling tournament Monday night, Emerald High School hoped to come in and exert dominance.

The Vikings did not falter.

Gage Cervenka locked up his fourth consecutive ...

Should the plaques on the War Memorial monument on Main Street in Greenwood be replaced to remove the “colored” and “white” delineation of fallen soldiers, which reflected the segregated military of that day?
  • Yes
  • No
  • Don't Know

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Bios Urn is the way to go

January 27, 2015 03:00

It's not that I look forward to my own death (except during pledging on PBS and emptying the dishwasher), but I am very pleased a new product has come onto the market because, boys and girls, I absolu ...